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Images from design work in the collection


The Vignelli Collection complements unique collections of Modernist Graphic Design materials which are part of the Cary Graphic Design Archive, housed as part of the Wallace Center’s RIT Cultural Collections. These collections document and preserve the work of significant Modernist American and Canadian graphic designers active from the 1920s to the present. The first collections came to RIT in 1983 through the vision of Vignelli Professor R. Roger Remington, and have grown to include the works of more than thirty five designers, artists and typographers.


The original source materials in these collections are extensively used by students in history of design classes as well as by faculty and others. In addition, artifacts are often made available for loan to be exhibited in design shows around the world.


Cary Graphic Design Archive Collections

Walter Allner

Hans J. Barschel

Saul Bass

Herbert Bayer

Lester Beall

Alexey Brodovitch

Will Burtin

Rudolph de Harak

Tom Camese

Bob Cato

Chenmayeff and Geismar

Elaine Lustig Cohen

Henrietta Condak

Charles Coiner

Louis Danziger

Estelle Ellis Rubnstein

Mary Faulconer

George Giusti

William Golden

E. McKnight Kauffer

Rob Roy Kelly

Willi Kunz

Burton Kramer

Mo Lebowitz

Mathew Leibowitz

Leo Lionni

Alvin Lustig

Tomoko Miho

Cipe Pineles

Paul Rand

Alex Steinweiss

Ladislav Sutnar

Ceil Smith Thompson

Fred Troller

George Tscherny

Dr. Mehemed Fehmy Agha