Vignelli Center
for Design Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology

Design Conversations Lecture Series Schedule of Speakers for 2017-2018


At RIT, the monthly Design Conversations lecture series has, for over five years, been a major educational complement to the regular courses in the School of Design. Distinguished guest speakers of international fame have presented on a wide range of topics relevant to design.


Please note that the schedule below is tentative and most likely will change.


The speakers for 2017 – 2018 are as follows:



Fall Semester 2017


Albert Paley                September 5    4:45 pm


Brian Matt                   October 17      4:45 pm


De Stijl Event              November 7    4:45 pm


Joe Doucet                  December 6     4:45 pm



Spring Semester 2018


Mark Jamra                February 6       4:45 pm


Inge Druckrey &         March  6          4:45 pm

Hans Allemann


Hugh Dubberly           April 10           4:45 pm


Molo                             April 24            4:45 pm


Shown above is Alan Heller making a presentation in 2016.