Vignelli Center
for Design Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology

The Vignelli Center’s Design Conversations speaker in April was Steven Heller


Heller, is the co-chair with Lita Talarico of the MFA Design / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program and the SVA Masters Workshop in Rome. He was an author of the Visuals column for The New York Times Book Review, a weekly column for The Atlantic online and currently writes The Daily Heller / Imprint online. He has written more than 170 books on graphic design, illustration and political art, including The Design Entrepreneur (with Lita Talarico), Paul RandMerz to Emigre and Beyond: Avant Garde Magazine Design of the Twentieth CenturyDesign Literacy: Understanding Graphic DesignCitizen DesignerStylepedia: A Guide to Graphic Design Mannerisms, Quirks, and Conceits (with Louise Fili), The Anatomy of Design: Uncovering the Influences and Inspirations in Modern Graphic Design, Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State and 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design. He is a contributing editor for Print, Design Observer, Eye. Heller is the recipient of the Art Directors Club Special Educators Award, the AIGA Medal for Lifetime Achievement, the School of Visual Arts’ Masters Series Award, the 2011 National Design Award for “Design Mind,” and the 2016 Eric Carle Award. His forthcoming book (with Greg D’Onofrio is THE MODERNS: MIDCENTURY AMERICAN GRAPHIC DESIGN (Abrams).





Making History: One Artifact At a Time

This talk is about how I’ve developed an interest for the pursuit of of Design and Popular Culture History.