Vignelli Center
for Design Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology

The Rise
of Experiential Design

Why does Experiential Design matter?

Jason White, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Chicago-based conceptual design studio Leviathan, answered this question via delving into the current state of affairs within the creative industry, discussing its newest and most exciting prospects, providing insights into embracing them to make an impact.



Attendees learned how media production is shifting from traditional formats to exciting new platforms, from off-the-screen into dynamic physical spaces. From new exhibitions to public installations, Jason shared an arsenal of new techniques to build these kinds of experiences, including projection mapping, virtual reality, and immersive environments. His insight into the growing experiential design industry addressed how these changes affect us, how to adapt to them, and which tools are best to achieve success.



Jason White

Jason White is the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of a Chicago-based conceptual design studio Leviathan. With expertise in motion design, Jason guides his team through the production of broadcast animation and experiential design projects for global brands, agencies and entertainers. Under his creative lead, Leviathan has worked with major brands including BMW, HP, Samsung, and The North Face; as well as recording artists Drake, Skrillex, and Amon Tobin.


Jason is also a regular guest speaker at industry conferences around the world including FITC, HPX Digital, Collider, SEGD xLab, Pause Fest, and North by Northeast. His works have been featured in international media outlets including Art of the Title, Graphis, Motionographer, The Creators Project, Stash, and Wired.