Vignelli Center
for Design Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology

2017 Summer workshops for Kids at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies



This summer two workshops were held at the Vignelli Center as part of the RIT Kids on Campus Program. Vignelli Professor R. Roger Remington and Graduate VCD student John Koegel offered a one-week graphic design workshop for high school level students. This hands-on workshop involved poster design and with emphasis on formal visual skills such as typography, organizational methods, and necessary digital skills.


For a younger audience, Professors Carol Fillip and Lorrie Frear coordinated a second workshop Delve into Design, an interactive, collaborative and hands-on workshop for students in who love making things. The focus is on both 2D design/graphic design and 3D design/industrial design. Students worked in a studio setting and in a computer lab to solve a design problem while exploring how thoughtful design positively impacts our daily lives.


Both workshops included presentations on Massimo and Lella Vignelli and their design accomplishments. Tours of the Vignelli Center for Design were also part of the experience.