Vignelli Center
for Design Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology

MEDdesign Consortium

On November 7–8, 2014 the Vignelli Center for Design Studies hosted an international conference which brought together five international design programs in a collaboration to design and deliver demonstration projects on health and wellness.

The participating institutions were the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology (United States of America), the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (United Kingdom), Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom) The University of Venice (Italy) and the Israel Institute of Technology, Technion. Each institution is developed its own set of project responses to the challenges of innovating inclusive design solutions.








The Medicine+Design Conference

Around the world healthcare professionals and designers are collaborating to produce innovative solutions to major challenges in the wellness community. Our conference brought together healthcare professionals with industrial and graphic designers for a program that was targeted at medical professionals in the Rochester region and beyond. One and one-half days were devoted to cutting edge case studies from around the globe, developed by wellness professionals who presented models of their functional solutions. In addition, a collaborative university group called MEDdesign, including RIT, will contribute its outcomes. From the conference, we hope that a new interface of the combined community will bring the power of design to the real needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. One feature of the conference was an exhibit of posters which showed specific graphic and industrial design projects accomplished at each school.