Vignelli Center
for Design Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology

Vignelli Center supports Industrial Design’s 2017 Metaproject

In the fall of 2016, Umbra – a Toronto-based designer and manufacturer of housewares selling more than 2,000 home products through 25,000 retailers in 75 countries – challenged the students of Metaproject to create a design for small spaces. As condo and apartment sizes shrink, an opportunity has arisen to make small spaces more livable and efficient. Students analyzed use cases surrounding compact living, focusing especially on innovative housewares that consider opportunities for multiple functions, storage, space efficiency, personalization, dual utility, entertaining, and other micro-living concerns. Results of the collaboration will be exhibited at ICFF during Design Week in New York City.





The Metaproject initiative from RIT is now running in its seventh iteration. The term “Metaproject” is designed to be used as a thematic umbrella referring to an industry partnership which places the student output into a global venue thereby opening up a transformative platform for the industrial design program and by proxy, the School of Design and RIT. In keeping with the Design is One philosophy espoused by the RIT Vignelli Center for Design Studies, Metaproject aims to encourage students to produce design that is “semantically correct, syntactically correct, and pragmatically understandable, but also visually powerful, intellectually elegant and timeless”.